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BS15doors Ltd offers a wide range of composite doors to meet with your individual requirements. We have carefully sourced three reputable and leading suppliers of composite doors - we have done our research to help you do yours.


All the composite doors that we offer are manufactured from modern materials to deliver maximum performance. We can help you personalise your door to enhance the character of your home. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary style, let us guide you through the vast choices available so you can find your perfect door.


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One of the UK’s original manufacturer of composite doors, Safedoors has unrivalled experience in the industry.


Renowned for their strength and security, Endurance Doors is a natural choice for security and peace of mind.


With no compromise on quality, Door-Stop strive to give the very best performance in composite doors.

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What is a composite door?


A composite door is constructed from a number of different materials to provide a door that is durable and easy to maintain, whilst offering security, excellent thermal efficiency and strength. Composite doors can have a foam or engineered timber core, with GRP or thermoplastic outer facings.


What is a GRP composite door?


GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polymer, or its more familiar term, fibreglass. Fibreglass is produced by mixing fibrous strands of glass mat into the thermosetting resin which is then cured to make a strong compound. GRP is used in many modern day applications - sports (e.g. professional equipment for golf, tennis, fishing and motor racing), construction (e.g. building materials, roofing, storage tanks and shower trays), automotive (e.g. panels and car body parts), marine (e.g. boats and yachts).


Due to its strength and resistance to corrosion and UV (ultra violet) damage, GRP is an ideal material for external doors as it means your door will remain strong and stable whatever the temperature. GRP doors are robust, durable, easy to clean, impervious to water, rot-proof and provide excellent thermal insulation.


What is a thermoplastic composite door?


A thermoplastic composite door is a composite door with thermoplastic outer facings. Thermoplastic is a substance that becomes a pliable polymer material upon the application of heat. The heat allows the thermoplastic skin to be moulded which then hardens upon cooling. Examples of thermoplastic include Teflon, acrylic, nylon, polystyrene and polypropylene. A thermoplastic composite door combines different materials to a provide door that is strong, durable and secure, whilst being easy to maintain (needing an occasional wipe down with a cloth).

Bi-Fold Doors

Let BS15doors help you create that ‘wow’ factor with either PVCu or aluminium bi-folding doors so you can open your doors to let the outside in during those long summer months. Flexibility and versatility make bi-fold doors an ideal choice where natural light, high performance and style is required. Contact us to find out more.


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French Doors

We can provide French doors (double doors) from the Optima range, so your new doors to the garden, balcony or porch will match and compliment your new windows perfectly. Please refer to our Optima Casement Window section for more information


French doors remain a firm favourite and are suitable for all property types; contact us to see how we can help you access your outside space in a stylish, secure and practical way.


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Patio Doors

BS15doors can provide sliding patio doors from the Optima range with high quality glide rollers for smooth operation, reliability, durability and security. We can offer you a range of styles and sizes to suit your individual requirements. Why not contact us to find out more? Please refer to our Optima Casement Window section for more information.


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Contact BS15doors today and let us show you how we can provide your home with new doors and windows to suit your individual requirements. Based in Oldland Common, Bristol we offer a supply and installation package for bespoke doors and PVCu windows, complete with 10 year insurance backed guarantee and FENSA accreditation. We can also offer a ‘supply only’ service, within 10 working days. 



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