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This 'Ascot' Composite Doorset is included in our November offer for 'BS' customers

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Social media is has fast become the platform that engages, more than any other in history. 

We are reaching out to all suppliers, manufacturers and media houses this spring. Our aim is to saturate our knowledge base with a constant stream of information and product lines to enable our continued service when it comes to supplying and fitting QUALITY, STYLISH and MAINTENANCE FREE windows and doors.


Feel free to follow, subscribe and share your comments/support/praise online.

Black Iron Door Hardware


Our traditional black iron door hardware has a classic design and is the perfect addition for any cottage and period properties, and can be supplied to our Compoiste Doorsets, as well as large wooden doors and rustic interiors. Made from solid cast iron, the black iron door hardware is durable and has superior strength, offering a high quality option to improve door security. It is black powder coated to give a high quality finish.

Summer is on way, as are our subsidy team..


Weather like this is perfect for inspecting your home for maintenance attention. Whether its leaks, draughts, condensation or upkeep, we have the range of products to suit. Shine a light on your bank balance today and save money by making use of our recycle subsidy for your replacement windows and doors.

They're all the same!?!?!?


Its a common misconception with home owners that the price is the main factor when choosing new windows or doors.

In fact, the reason for this is because of SALESMEN. Historically, salesmen have been trained to sell their version of quality. Often they wont even have been to the factory where the products are manufactured, in order to see them leaving the production process. This is for 3 reasons.


  1. Their company will not want their salesmen finding flaws or understanding the product any deeper than the literature allows, that would jeopardise their ability to justify the prices they start at(we all know that old scam). 
  2. They genuinely think that the windows are manufactured by the company they represent, so dont ever question it.
  3. The company is buying from a European based fabricator and visits are never encouraged by the industry at that level.


Whichever of the reasons is behind the sales patter, we can assure you that not all windows are the same. The images below show the features that seperate two almost identical windows. One from a budget supply company, costing HALF the price and the OPTIMA range used by us, here at BS15

Instantly its apparent, upon inspection, that the two vary vastly. From the durable finish on the uPVC to the multi chamber 

energy efficient priofile with QLON ALL WEATHER seals and the YALE locking system. Branding you can trust will keep your home warm, safe and maintenance free, throughout your 10 Year Guarantee and beyond.

You can be assured, as a family run company without the large overheads, we can usually compromise a little on price, but our reputation dictates we can never compromise on quality. 


Blindingly good........


Many of our customers ask our advice when it comes to choosing blinds for their new windows and doors.


We have partnered up with on of the biggest names in the built in blinds market to bring you an amazing offer.


Throughout 2017 we are please to offer built in blinds absolutely free of charge for anyone changing 5 windows or more with BS15Doors.

Be Inspired to create your ideal home


At BS15 Doors, we are as inspired by market leading, quality windows and doors as you are, to feel that you are living in YOUR ideal home.


We are pleased to announce the release of the NEW DURAFLEX BROCHURE (click to view).

Amazing quality, stylish appearance and most importantly, affordable outlay.


There really is no reason to look elsewhere when upgrading your uPVC windows or doors. 

We are proud to introduce you to the latest offering from PROFILE 22. (click for brochure)


What a fantactic range of energy saving, beautifully designed products.

We really cant wait to start installing these frames in homes across Bristol, Gloucester and the West of England.


Enquire today to see how BS15 can transform your home and save YOU money. 

Find us with ease......

BS15 Doors Ltd would like to say a big thank you to YELL.COM for their great VIDEO and continued support as our premier business listing partner. As a small, family run company, clear and concise business listings are vital.

Without a legitimate online presence, local uPVC window and door companies would struggle to stay relevant. Small companies do not have the advertising budgets the 'big names' have. As such, google searches and the like can seem like a minefield. We love the clarity provide us with. With support and help like this, we will continue to provide the finest service possible to homes across the Bristol and Gloucester area and beyond.


Hats off to the guys at YELL.COM

2017 Recycle subsidy 


Let us subsidise your installation by up to a massive 25% by allowing us to recycle your old pvc/aluminium frames. 






Are your windows/doors

  • Out of guarantee?
  • Over 10 years old?
  • Condensated?
  • Poorly fitted/maintained?​​

 Maybe you are looking to upgrade to a more suitable look.

Condensation, draughts, leaks and discolouration are major bug for homeowners. we know only too well, through our many years of experience, how much of a pain it can be to live with substandard or aging windows and doors. Its not just the financial worry, its the percieved fuss and mess also that aides us in putting off the work.


 No need to worry with BS15 Doors. Our survey team are on hand to assess the age and condition of your current uPVC or aluminium windows and doors. We will be more than happy to visit you in the comfort of your own home. We have at our disposal, all the necessary industry leading products and their supporting literature to ensure you choose exactly the product that meets your requirements and, more importantly, your budget.


 If your frames are no longer covered by a valid guarantee, if they are warped, discoloured, condensated, leaky, worn, aging or just unsuitable, we can offer you a hassle free quotation. We are so confident in our pricing and sourcing that we will give even you 6 months to decide whether to use the quotation or not. 


 As an added bonus, if you are actively looking for a product with an impending date in mind, we can offer you a recycle subsidy. Simply allow us to photograph your installation before, during and after and we will apply up to 25% discount to your quotation to allow you to bring your plans forward.


Now thats Transparency.....

New Door Hardware for our GRP Range

New Exitex MDS25 Low Threshold

The new threshold option, which is available on all door-stop standard and FD30 doors, is wider than the current door-stop threshold at 115mm and provides greater flexibility when it comes to installation

New Door Styles Now Available

New Additions...... & available now


New Contemporary 'Handleless' Range of hardware

Coming Soon........


New & Popular styles being added to our Diamond Range of GRP Fibreglass Doors


Coming Soon........


New Colours being added to our Diamond Range of GRP Fibreglass Doors


Available Now.......


Yale, Key Free with your composite doorset


The Yale Keyfree Connected smart lock gives you freedom to secure your home without the need for a key. Simple to use, you now have complete control on how you unlock your door.

For a bespoke quotation, for any of our products please contact our office on either 07568-067126 or email

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